Sub-Urban Body Adornment



Before and After

We really had our work cut out for us. The shop had been sorely neglected for many years. In the early nineties my step mom Carol who, a few years ago, left this earthly plane for greener horse pastures, ran it as an espresso cafe and art gallery. "The Painted Apple Cafe" was way before it's time, for Victor at least. Carol moved out of the Valley and for the past ten years it was leased to a Day Care and fell into disrepair. It saddened me, as I'm sure it did those who remembered  the way it was, to see what had become of it. I had such fond memories of the lively warm place it had once been. I know that Carol is smiling upon us and her spirit is peaceful knowing that her intention of creating a warm and inviting space where people can gather and laugh and talk is once again alive in our community. Her energy and presence is felt and her lightness of being is fondly remembered and sadly missed.